Most of the time, we are always about exploring foreign countries when we haven’t even seen much of our own country. Because we thought that we are here, we can go anytime we want but in the end we never did.

I went to Sarawak for the first time just maybe a year ago and I have never been to Sabah. I think that’s a shame and I will check that box soon, I hope.

I went to Penang recently for a short getaway. I never really treasured Penang before and I’m glad I have now because Penang is LOVE. I honestly don’t mind living in Penang. The vibe was all good there.

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Paper hot air balloons (Processed with VSCO with c8 preset)


My first meal when I arrived – Mee Sotong. I’ve never had this before. The queue was long for this but it was worth it! You can find it at a food court alongside the paper hot air balloons in Georgetown. I apologise for the vague information. I can’t recall the name of the place :(

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Batu Ferringhi was fine but I didn’t go for a swim because it was more for water sport and you’re not allowed to swim so far. At least that’s how it was at Parkroyal Resort. I wanted to stay at Hard Rock Hotel but it was fully booked.

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Teluk Bahang Dam (Processed with VSCO with a8 preset)


And then we went to check out a triathlon and duathlon event that was going on at Teluk Bahang Dam. It was cloudy when we got there but it was beautiful. We even bumped into my best friend, Aliaa’s ex-boyfriend who was competing so we stayed a while to support him. Not that Aliaa cared…hahah


It was so hot on the first day in Penang but it rained all day the second day and this was the queue for Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Normally, I will not queue for food especially when it’s so uncomfortable but since I don’t go there everyday so I just went ahead with it. Well to me, it’s just like any other Nasi Kandar.


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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I told myself I must eat as much as I can when in Penang because I don’t really eat in Singapore :( and so I ate as much as I can as you can see.

The queue for this cendol is always long. This was my second time but if you don’t want to queue, you can get inside the restaurant, order something else and the waiters will get the cendol for you. Since I wanted laksa, so I didn’t have to stay in the long queue. Try to go there around 4-5pm, it won’t be too crowded inside.


This is the gorgeous McCalister Mansion. I just love everything about it. The building and interiors are stunning and just perfect for special occasion dinner. But be careful when choosing the meal for each course especially when you’re not familiar with the menu.

And of course we had to go up the Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) since we were already there. Unfortunately the view was not fantastic from up there because it was dusty and cloudy.

There’s still more to see and eat actually but I didn’t have the whole week for that. I hope next time I can visit the hipster cafes there. Oh did I mention, there are loads of Starbucks in Penang? almost at every corner. There’s even a stand-alone Starbucks there.

Overall it was a lovely trip and I could definitely retire in Penang.


The Real Deal


Like how I prefer to read non-fiction, autobiographies, it’s the same when it comes to movies or even TV series now. I just love reading or watching movies or series about real people, real stories. It captivates me all the time.

These days there are more true stories being made into TV series and that is just the best thing ever. When a true story is broken down into series, it’s a total different experience from watching a true story movie.

I have watched Making A Murderer . It’s more like a documentary where it shows the real court trial scenes from the case, real TV interviews from years ago and you’ll be hooked right away. It’s a very intense show and you’ll be in disbelieve that it all actually happened, or rather allowed to happen.

I just finished American Crime Story: The People vs O.J Simpson. Another real crime story but it’s a reenactment of the O.J Simpson case back in 1994. I’m sure the story about the trial can be read somewhere but to watch how and what happened during the case was just fascinating.

And currently I’m watching Narcos, also a Netflix series and so far I am just amazed with the whole Pablo Escobar thing. It just got me thinking ‘did that actually happened?’ and it did. I never really read about him before so it was like watching another TV series but the only difference is it’s real but still surreal. He made $60mil A DAY selling drugs. A DAY! That is just insane.

I do still enjoy other TV series like House of Cards – Awesome, How To Get Away With Murder – simply rare, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy….

It seems like my choices of TV series are quite dark. Murder, crimes, zombies, blood…

Maybe I should spice it up a bit with….Descendants of The Sun?



It’s always weird for me when some people say they are jealous of me because I don’t get fat. I wish I can gain weight a little but that’s just not the case.

It is not always a fantastic thing to be skinny. You get cold easily, people keep telling you to eat more when the fact is you ate enough and you have no idea how hard it is to find pants or jeans that fit.

Because of my tiny waist, I can only get my jeans from either Bershka or H&M. It’s not easy to find outlets that sell jeans smaller than size 6. Yes, even size 6 is big for me.

So I went to H&M the other day but…they were all ripped jeans! I don’t think I can go there anymore for jeans. I just can’t see myself paying for a pair of ripped jeans because….they are ripped.

Yeah it’s fashion and all but then again I’ve never really followed a fashion trend.


Scoot Over

I used to drive a lot. In KL, I was always out and about, always driving. Now that I’m in Singapore, obviously I had to leave my car behind and now I kinda missed it.

I am not a fan of walking, mostly because the weather has not been very kind lately. Depending on public transport here means a lot of walking. One minute walk from my door to the bus stop, three minutes walk to the train station. Which is actually not too bad once you get used to it.

These days people in Singapore ride their electric scooters. Wasn’t the case when I was here in 2011. Immediately I thought that’s really cool when I saw one. And I was tempted to check it out and actually seriously considering getting one.

So I went to Paya Lebar to test the electric scooter and it was a lot of fun. I was already thinking how fast I can get to places with this scooter. But the problem is it’s quite heavy for me to carry so I am reconsidering the purchase now…

But what’s interesting is, when asked where do the scooters come from? The guy who was assisting me was a bit reluctant to mention before saying “If you don’t care about religion….this brand is actually from Israel…”

At first, I was wondering if that’s a problem and if that should bother me at all…?

I am not sure what this makes me but I never really thought of where something was made of before buying or using it. I do care about religion and naturally I do not support what they did but then again, just how many things that we use in our daily life are from Israel? Even Waze is from Israel.

It was funny the guy had to mention that. It’s like you want to eat something, it looks delicious and then you were told there’s pork in it. That’s how it felt like for a moment.

I guess it is up to an individual on how to deal with this situation. The reality is we can’t avoid it. It’s a different life one will be living if they did.

Lion City…Again


It has been two weeks now since I moved back to Singapore. To be honest, I never thought I would be back here. But I am now, just after two years in Malaysia. How time flies.

I still remember the first time I made a decision to grab my first career opportunity here in Singapore. I was 21, just graduated and about to move to another country, leaving my family and friends behind. I was very naive and young. I was also very excited to work for the sports channel that I’ve been watching growing up. It was like a dream and I was very grateful.

Spent almost three years in Singapore and then I had to return to Malaysia. Obviously things didn’t work out well for me in Malaysia. The first year (2014) was fine. I had a good time but the next year wasn’t the most fantastic for me, I would say. It could have been great but I couldn’t continue working in an environment where I kept getting frustrated. I suppose, joining FAM wasn’t my best decision. I don’t regret everything but I’m disappointed. I probably feel that way because I care way too much about Malaysian football so I decided to stay away from it and here I am, back in Singapore.

This time I’m older (not very happy about that part!) and wiser. But the feeling was a little bit different and some things have changed. The smell is familiar but some buildings that were under construction when I left in 2013, are now up and people pay through machines at the 7-Eleven – I’m still getting used to that and of course the exchange rate is just….you know how.

Although Singapore is just across the Causeway, I still feel away. Living and working in another country is different from just travelling as a tourist. I may have lived here before but it kind of feel like it’s the first time.

​Do I look forward to coming back to Malaysia? At the moment, I really don’t.