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I have lived in Singapore for five months now and it’s safe to say this second stint of living in Singapore has been unpredictable.

Two different jobs in a span of four months I’m here. I didn’t see it coming either. I moved here after I received an offer from Sunset+Vine Asia late in February and I started at the company in March. Just about a month into the job I was told that the company will cease operations in Singapore. Imagine how I felt when we were all called for a meeting as they announced that we will all be retrenched. Worse for me…after only one month! Do I have to move back to Malaysia? What’s going to happen to my place here? How am I going to get another job? All these were running through my mind.

My boss then felt really bad, of course because if he knew, he wouldn’t have offered me the job. It was just bad luck, or was it…?

I landed a new job probably a week or two after that while I was serving my one month notice and that’s where Hokkaido happened. I just needed a break before I started a new job, again!

Some people say I job-hop a lot. Can’t blame them. Just look at that list above. That is in a span of five years. In a way some may think it’s a bad thing. But honestly not for me. By now I have experienced a lot and there will come a time where I just stop ‘hopping’. I believe this. Not that I ever intended to not stay at one place for long anyway.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have left Fox Sports back in 2013. I started at ESPN which I truly enjoyed working at and then Fox Sports took over and a lot of us had to leave because they have different directions than ESPN. Most likely I would still be there now if they needed me. But they didn’t so I had to move back to Malaysia.

That’s when the ‘hopping’ happened, I guess? Joining FAM-FMLLP was my biggest mistake, I would say. In a way it may not be all that terrible since I have learned a lot from working with them but I think I was unhappiest when I was there. I was miserable. That’s just one of my bad decisions in my life. It’s almost traumatising.

Now I am already a month into my current job as a Social Media Manager with FourFourTwo. Basically I oversee the social media content for FourFourTwo Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Maybe being retrenched earlier was a blessing after all. And I’m grateful for it.

I have never written publicly about this matter actually so if maybe some people think I had it easy in my career, you are not exactly right. There were formidable hurdles and you just don’t know what’s coming. Anything can and will happen. You just have to embrace it because that’s just part and parcel of life. :)


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