The Real Deal


Like how I prefer to read non-fiction, autobiographies, it’s the same when it comes to movies or even TV series now. I just love reading or watching movies or series about real people, real stories. It captivates me all the time.

These days there are more true stories being made into TV series and that is just the best thing ever. When a true story is broken down into series, it’s a total different experience from watching a true story movie.

I have watched Making A Murderer . It’s more like a documentary where it shows the real court trial scenes from the case, real TV interviews from years ago and you’ll be hooked right away. It’s a very intense show and you’ll be in disbelieve that it all actually happened, or rather allowed to happen.

I just finished American Crime Story: The People vs O.J Simpson. Another real crime story but it’s a reenactment of the O.J Simpson case back in 1994. I’m sure the story about the trial can be read somewhere but to watch how and what happened during the case was just fascinating.

And currently I’m watching Narcos, also a Netflix series and so far I am just amazed with the whole Pablo Escobar thing. It just got me thinking ‘did that actually happened?’ and it did. I never really read about him before so it was like watching another TV series but the only difference is it’s real but still surreal. He made $60mil A DAY selling drugs. A DAY! That is just insane.

I do still enjoy other TV series like House of Cards – Awesome, How To Get Away With Murder – simply rare, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy….

It seems like my choices of TV series are quite dark. Murder, crimes, zombies, blood…

Maybe I should spice it up a bit with….Descendants of The Sun?



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