Scoot Over

I used to drive a lot. In KL, I was always out and about, always driving. Now that I’m in Singapore, obviously I had to leave my car behind and now I kinda missed it.

I am not a fan of walking, mostly because the weather has not been very kind lately. Depending on public transport here means a lot of walking. One minute walk from my door to the bus stop, three minutes walk to the train station. Which is actually not too bad once you get used to it.

These days people in Singapore ride their electric scooters. Wasn’t the case when I was here in 2011. Immediately I thought that’s really cool when I saw one. And I was tempted to check it out and actually seriously considering getting one.

So I went to Paya Lebar to test the electric scooter and it was a lot of fun. I was already thinking how fast I can get to places with this scooter. But the problem is it’s quite heavy for me to carry so I am reconsidering the purchase now…

But what’s interesting is, when asked where do the scooters come from? The guy who was assisting me was a bit reluctant to mention before saying “If you don’t care about religion….this brand is actually from Israel…”

At first, I was wondering if that’s a problem and if that should bother me at all…?

I am not sure what this makes me but I never really thought of where something was made of before buying or using it. I do care about religion and naturally I do not support what they did but then again, just how many things that we use in our daily life are from Israel? Even Waze is from Israel.

It was funny the guy had to mention that. It’s like you want to eat something, it looks delicious and then you were told there’s pork in it. That’s how it felt like for a moment.

I guess it is up to an individual on how to deal with this situation. The reality is we can’t avoid it. It’s a different life one will be living if they did.


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