Lion City…Again


It has been two weeks now since I moved back to Singapore. To be honest, I never thought I would be back here. But I am now, just after two years in Malaysia. How time flies.

I still remember the first time I made a decision to grab my first career opportunity here in Singapore. I was 21, just graduated and about to move to another country, leaving my family and friends behind. I was very naive and young. I was also very excited to work for the sports channel that I’ve been watching growing up. It was like a dream and I was very grateful.

Spent almost three years in Singapore and then I had to return to Malaysia. Obviously things didn’t work out well for me in Malaysia. The first year (2014) was fine. I had a good time but the next year wasn’t the most fantastic for me, I would say. It could have been great but I couldn’t continue working in an environment where I kept getting frustrated. I suppose, joining FAM wasn’t my best decision. I don’t regret everything but I’m disappointed. I probably feel that way because I care way too much about Malaysian football so I decided to stay away from it and here I am, back in Singapore.

This time I’m older (not very happy about that part!) and wiser. But the feeling was a little bit different and some things have changed. The smell is familiar but some buildings that were under construction when I left in 2013, are now up and people pay through machines at the 7-Eleven – I’m still getting used to that and of course the exchange rate is just….you know how.

Although Singapore is just across the Causeway, I still feel away. Living and working in another country is different from just travelling as a tourist. I may have lived here before but it kind of feel like it’s the first time.

​Do I look forward to coming back to Malaysia? At the moment, I really don’t.

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