My Aliaa


We have known each other for the past 8 great years. I still remember the little innocent Aliaa back when you were still in school and how you were once the First on my MySpace Top 8 Friends. I’ve seen you grown into this amazing woman that I’m so thankful and glad to call best friend. You are a friend anyone is lucky to have. Don’t fret about turning a quarter of century – I know did, still am actually – but know that there’s still a lot ahead of you. You’ll be where you belong. You don’t need a reality TV show to prove that you’re clever. Everyone knows how smart you are, everyone knows how gorgeous you are. Stay that way. You’ll reach the stars and I hope I will be there to witness that. I am already so proud of you.

Perhaps for the most of those 8 years we were not as close as we were for the past two years or so and even a lot closer for the past 6 months. We did almost everything together and it always feels like something is missing when I don’t see you in a day. Now how I am going to live my days without you now that I won’t be around anymore? I will need some time to adapt that. I know I’m not going too far but it’s still not the same and that makes me sad.

I’ll miss our rants and whines about work, I’ll miss having you on my Snapchat, driving with you, days and nights with you. I’ll miss you more than you know. I will be coming back to visit, or if I can’t, I’ll even pay for you to come to visit me. You’re worth it.

Happy 25th Birthday, Aliaa. I hope all your dreams come true. You have a friend in me forever. I promise. Love you.

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