Kambing Bakar In Meru

Finally tried the Kambing Bakar in Meru today. To be honest, a viral post on Facebook brought me here. I can’t remember which Facebook page posted about how good and cheap the Kambing Bakar there but the reason it took me a while to go there is because it’s located at the end of the world. Okay I’m exaggerating but it was really quite a journey to get there.

I was not sure if it was opened today since it’s public holiday but thanks to Foursquare – the best app ever invented – it says there that it’s open and again thanks to the app, I get the direction straight on Google Maps (Yup, I don’t use Waze).

When we reached there at around noon (it opens at 11am), people have started to fill in the small warung despite the rain. I can smell the Kambing Bakar right away. My family is a huge fan of lamb and so does my boyfriend and his family. Thank Goodness. The best meat in the whole world! – though people who can eat pork may disagree…

I ordered Lele Penyek while my boyfriend had Ayam Penyek and of course we ordered the much hyped Kambing Bakar. The portion was quite generous especially the sambal and the Kambing Bakar itself. It was obviously a busy warung with a lot of takeaways. It seemed like a lot of people prefer calling in to order and they will pick up their order later. Perhaps it can be very crowded there and we were lucky because we were early.

For the 3 dishes we had plus 3 rice and 2 drinks = RM22. 

And then I was reminded of Warong Leko that we went yesterday after a long time avoiding that ridiculously expensive restaurant. We had Iga Penyet, Sup Buntut, Kangkung Crispy, rice and drinks and the damage was RM50+… I guess we will be avoiding it again. But Meru is really far!

Anyway, to find this place, find Kambing Bakar Ayam Penyet Sahara on Foursquare and you will get there. If you don’t have the app, well download it now!


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