Tadom Hill Resorts: What To Expect

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First of all, I apologise for the lack of photos. Honestly there’s more to the place than what I show you in these photos up here. What’s not in the photos:

  • Bamboo Hut – Dorm-like rooms made of bamboos, with beds, mosquito nets and fans.
  • Gendui Chalets – Only 3 chalet units were available. Definitely a proper room with propers beds.
  • Hammock Sphere – Only hammocks with mosquito nets. More suitable if you come in groups and are comfortable to sleep on hammocks.

The one I chose was the Garden Tent. Why? Because the Gendui Chalets were not available and the tents were what’s left which had more privacy compared to the Bamboo Hut or Hammock Sphere. It was like camping but I guess ‘cheating camping’ because everything was provided. No, you did not have to make your own fire or cook your own food.

Before going here I was very curious on what I should bring with me. Do they have pillows? towels? soap? No other ‘review’ blogs that I could find to maybe help me. So I’ll tell you now, if you take the tent, they will provide you with sleeping bags and blow-up pillows. The tent I stayed in was for two, there’s a bigger one that can fit up to four. So yes you have to bring your toiletries, towels and blanket if you like – it can get pretty cold at night and early in the morning. Oh most important – insect repellant!

Don’t worry about bathrooms. They have proper showers and toilets at the back. As for food, they have a cafe there and rent you pay for overnight stay does not include food. For buffet breakfast you have to pay RM15…

On to the dollars. If you planned to stay overnight, it costs differently for each type of accommodation. I paid RM70 per tent for two. It was on a Sunday. Thought it was not bad. You can also pay per-entry for RM20. Well, you should check with them, the prices may change.

As for the water activities, it’s actually nothing much you can do besides swimming in the lake, rafting, diving from the diving platform and tarzan swing were quite fun though. The place can be pretty packed especially on weekends as you know it’s not a huge place and if you’re going for a day trip, you might want to come early as they only allow 150 people in there at a time. Unless if you are staying overnight, then you can check-in at 3pm.

Overall, it was a nice short break for me and my best friends after the long hectic weeks we had. But would I go again just for the sake of going, perhaps not. But if it’s a family or friends gathering then I would more likely go again. :)

For more photos and info on Tadom Hill Resorts you can check out their Facebook page.


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