Sometimes I feel like I need to dress-up better, make-up better, walk better. I feel like I need to wear high heels more – because they make me look better, carry different handbags whenever I go out or wear my hair differently everyday. These things take a lot of effort, maybe just for me. I think I can do all these but the truth is I’m just…..lazy?

Nobody is really pressuring me though but perhaps a slight pressure comes when strangers noticed me when I go out. There are not many but to be honest I still find it odd when people come to me asking me if I’m Aysha and that they are one of my followers on Twitter. When I tell A about it, how I feel it’s just weird, he would feel annoyed – which I don’t quite understand. He thinks I’m ‘humblebragging’. Well, that’s the impression he’s giving me every time I mentioned to him about it. I’m not ‘humblebragging’, I just feel weird and I don’t think I will ever get used to it. I’m a nobody so of course I can feel weird if strangers recognised me.

So yeah, when this happened, I will feel a bit worried on how I look. It is actually nice if people don’t know me. I don’t even have to care about how I look. Well actually I do a little, when I go out on a date, I think. But even then, my hair is normally down, when it gets oily, I’ll tie it up so it doesn’t look too flat (forgive my thin hair). As for make-up, my younger sisters know how to do their faces and what to actually put on them better than me. In fact, most of my make-up are theirs. What’s mine? An eyeliner and a lipstick. I wish I could make myself look camera-ready all the time but NOPE, don’t know how and maybe too lazy for that.

One day when someone says I look terrible, then maybe I won’t be so lazy.


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