The most difficult thing about a surprise party is to make sure he doesn’t have a clue at all about the party.

At first I thought of having it at a restaurant with a decorated long table. But to hire a party planner for a birthday dinner for 20 pax, it costs you up to RM2,000! JUST the decoration. That’s so not worth it. So I thought, forget it.

Glad I found this place at Bukit Tunku – it’s like a small bungalow turned into an event space which I stumbled upon on Facebook, called Tamarama. It looked great in the photos and I decided on it right away.

For food, I brought his favourite, Bruno’s Steaks N Burgers. They are truly the best – best steak, best roasted duck, best burgers and lamb too! You can find them at Hartamas.

The easiest part about planning this party was to get his friends together. I know he is that one friend who will always be there when important events happened in his friends’ lives. Be it weddings, birth of their babies, new business ventures by them or even at bad times, he will be there. He’s the most supportive and the friends I knew I had to have at the party, he has known since his school days. Thankfully, with just an invite, they said OK! That was the most important part. A party means nothing without friends.

I think he was surprised. I don’t know which part surprised him the most – the whole thing or just some parts…It’s really not easy to keep things from him. But I’m glad he was happy. He should be!!

Happy Birthday. I hope we will have many more celebrations.

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