Lucky The Three-Legged Cat


This is Lucky.

Two years ago, my Mom found him at a mall in Johor with one of its legs tied up with a rubber band. The leg was blue, it was dead. Mom picked him up and took him to the vet. His leg had to be amputated. So he became a three-legged cat. My sister calls him KKU (Kucing Kurang Upaya). Because Mom saved him, so she named him, Lucky.

After his operation, my Mom took care of him for weeks like he was a child. They both grew so fond of each other. He’s a smart cat, sometimes it seemed like he can understand us, especially my Mom. He was not the prettiest cat in the house. He was a stray cat compared to our other cats who had fluffier fur but Lucky was the warmest.

Sometimes, when Mom came to visit us in KL, she would get uncomfortable staying away for days because she said Lucky will be looking for her. And then when she reached home, she sends a selfie with Lucky on our family WhatsApp group with a caption “Lucky misses me”. But we knew, it’s really the other way round. Or maybe it’s mutual?

Lucky always get to sleep in my Mom’s room but sometimes when my Dad chases him away, my Mom will check on him worried that Lucky will sulk and run away. He is my Mom’s best friend since my youngest sister left our home for university leaving my parents in Johor.

Today, we woke up in the morning with a message from Mom that Lucky has died. Mom had many crying emojis and she said she was very sad. Two stray dogs attacked Lucky in front of our house late at night and he was bitten badly. This time, Lucky was not lucky.

I’m not there with her but I know my Mom is very devastated to lose Lucky. She said last night Lucky was in her room but she let him out and she regrets that very much. Perhaps she felt guilty. Dad is very sad too. He’s never really been a cat person but he knows Lucky is a good cat. He said it was the biggest cat grave he had to dig this morning. He did not know if Mom saw the attack, he said he heard Mom crying at 4am. I think, Mom is still crying.

We are all sad. But I hope my Mom will recover soon.

RIP Lucky


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