Dining In The Dark

I found out how does it feel like to be blind last week. Just for two hours though.

We (A and I) went to Dining In The Dark KL for the first time. Well perhaps, because after a year, he’s tired of my face and thought it would be great to have dinner without looking at my face for once. Haha he better not be thinking that, or else…

Processed with VSCOcam with 9 preset
The only photo because you know, it was dark.


When we arrived, they served us drinks, something like punch and asked us to guess what’s in the drink. Hmm…I don’t need this unnecessary pressure, really. But I guessed one ingredient right. yay! And then we had to put on blindfolds and try to find paper clips in a small bucket of rice and green beans. Only then, they could let us into the very dark dining area. I didn’t win that ‘game’ because A found all the paper clips first. Hmph!

After that, we had to leave our phones and watches and my bag in a locker before they brought us inside the dining room. When you stepped inside, with your hands over the waiter’s shoulders, you can only smell food and hear people talking and see nothing. Some people were really loud maybe losing your eyesight makes your voice louder -__- . We walked slowly to our table, also had to seat slowly because we were blind.

The waiter then told us, ‘on your right is your fork and spoon, on your left is your napkin and etc’ ok got it, we thought. They then served our four-course meal which we had no idea whether we should use spoon or fork. No knives. I had to touch them with my hand to feel what was it they served. And then of course, guess what was it. A lot of guessing, really.

I guess the best part about dining in the dark is that we got to talk more with whoever you’re there with. Firstly, no phones to check and secondly, I need to know he’s still there and didn’t leave me alone, so we kept talking and talking throughout the two hours. At times, I kept quiet when he called, pretending I disappeared until he reached out his leg from under the table and found me. That was fun. But eating in the dark was a struggle. I even dropped one of my main course and stained my dress. I still have no idea what was it.

We thought the waiter wore night vision goggles or something but he said he wasn’t. That’s just a lie. How can he see in the dark? It was pitch black. There’s no way he memorised the ways and turns of the area which I think was quite big. I need to check this.

Anyway, it was a great experience and I’ll always remember it. But I think I need to see my food to really enjoy them.


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