Of Adjusting

I made an important decision last week – quitting my job for another. To be honest it was a quite drastic, but I felt that it was necessary and I hope for nothing but for it to work and I hope that I’m happy. That sounds like I am not really happy right now.

As a person I think I take time to adjust to new things, new people, new situation. Sometimes, longer than I should take. At first, when I meet new people, they may either think I’m a snob, quiet or simply ‘mysterious’. The truth is I always observe first and will eventually warms up. That’s just me. But it’s different when it comes to meeting people for work, I can’t take time to warm up when it comes to business, can I?

To be honest I have been under a lot of stress recently. Not only because I have a new, totally different environment job, but also about other things which I can’t even put into words. The problem is, I don’t know how to address them properly and most of the time, I just explode for no reason or for stupid ridiculous reasons. And I beat myself for that. Worse, I let it out on a person that I care the most. That makes me really sad.

I hope this phase will be over very soon.


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