Last year I had the luxury to work three days a week. I even felt like I was too free but that’s the perks working in TV production especially when you do magazine shows. But this year, I work five days a week because I’m doing a news show.

So every day after work I will have to go through traffic jams. I left office at 7pm so that explains. Most of us are pretty used to this situation. But tonight when I was on my home from a farewell dinner, I was stuck in traffic and it was minutes to midnight. It’s ridiculous. And it got me thinking just how much time in a week I’ve wasted being stuck in traffic? What could I be doing instead with that all that time? Is this how it’s going to be for me all the time? I’m sure some people can relate to this too.

Late night traffic jams are either caused by police road blocks or accidents and tonight it was the latter. Just a bloody minor one that didn’t even hurt anyone. But certainly hurt my nerves.

It’s not a massive issue but it’s things like this that makes me want to just go and live on an island sometimes.


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