You Won

I turned 25 two days ago. Not very excited to turn a quarter of century old, really. But I sure had an unforgettable birthday, thanks to my very special person.

To be honest, everything was unexpected. Not that I didn’t think he’s not going to do anything for me. Knowing him, I knew he will but I had no idea what was it or what it will be and I hate not knowing. This is the first time we celebrated my birthday. We weren’t together yet when I turned 24 but we managed to celebrate his birthday last year. We went for a dinner at this fine dining restaurant in Bangsar and I’m glad he loved it. But I think in this ‘birthday treat game’, he did A LOT better.

Three days before my birthday, he gave me two vouchers – a spa voucher at The Hammam and a manicure and pedicure voucher at Boudoir.

For the record, all my life I have never been to spa or to a mani-pedi. I don’t think they are necessary and I would rather just spend my money for something else. I really don’t pamper myself in that way. But my first time at a spa, at The Hammam was quite something. What an experience he bought me.

The night of my birthday, he presented me with a Kindle. Another surprise. What have I done?


The Hammam was wonderful, the mani-pedi at Boudoir was okay. I felt like they rushed it when they really didn’t need to.

At night we went to the helipad at Menara KLH. We missed the sunset – thanks to KL’s traffic. That was unexpected too. I’ve mentioned about the place before but we’ve never went there yet. When we reached there, we had to buy ourselves drinks first for them to let us to be at the helipad. Cheapest drink – RM25 – lime juice, mine. We went up and had to wait for seats because you know, seats are limited there but really people go there just for the view.

Didn’t have dinner there. We went to Troika Sky Dining instead. The Wagyu Ravioli I had was good. That’s how we ended our night. I was the happiest girl. So thankful for this man. I wish it didn’t have to end.

On the next day, back to work. I came back from lunch, sitting at my desk doing my work and then he stood across with a cake. None of my colleague told me about it either. SERIOUSLY?


A delicious Red Velvet cake.


How could I not love this man? It’s going to be hard work to top this.


2 thoughts on “You Won

  1. farhanahd February 12, 2015 / 6:17 PM

    Why so sweeeeet??? Harap panjang jodoh ameeen ;)

    • Aysha February 12, 2015 / 6:44 PM

      Thanks Nana!! :)

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