A lot of people associate February with Valentine’s Day. But not me. I hardly really care about Valentine’s Day. Because to be honest I won’t be with someone who only celebrates love on that day. ;)

This February would be slightly important because I’ll turn a quarter of a century old. It’s unreal I am already going to be that old. It’s a month to reflect and evaluate what have I done, what have I achieved, how have I been for the past 25 years of my life.

When I was younger, I would imagined that I will have my life together when I’m 25. Now I am here, I don’t think I have everything ‘together’ yet, at least, not as how I’d imagined it to be – which is kinda upsetting, but at the same time, it’s not really that bad either. It could have been worse. I think I have probably 70% of my life together by now and the other 30% is what I am still working on….

What’s in the percentage? I imagined by 25, I would have my own car – checked, own a house – checked, a stable job – checked, a husband, a kid (at least).

That’s really funny to think again. A kid? REALLY? I guess I would have sorted out that ‘husband’ part this year just because I didn’t want to feel like a failure if by 25 I don’t achieve what I dreamt of. But I am glad I didn’t go through with that stupid plan of mine. What was I thinking? That guy was a mistake. If I went on with it, I think I’d be ruining my life and I would miss the chance to love this wonderful man now.

And the reason I imagined I would have a child by 25 was because I have always wanted to be a young mother. And now I have to adjust the age range of ‘young’. I would consider 25-28 still in the young zone. Later than that, I am an old mother. I hope it doesn’t have to come to that. But who knows?

But in the end, the most important question is, after all these years, am I happy? I can only say that I am happy but not completely happy. I don’t think anyone can be completely happy but that does not mean they are sad either. I am happy with some things but other things could be better too at the same time. I think that’s fair, that’s life.

And if there’s one thing I would change in my 25 years of life….

There’s one thing. But I can’t say it here.

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