Baby Stuff

I went shopping for baby’s stuff with A today. It was my first time shopping for a baby, not sure about him though.

My boss’ is having a celebration for her newborn daughter this weekend so we were looking for something for the baby. We went to mothercare and had to decide whether to get her toys or clothes? For the record, she’s only a month old. So we viewed the toys section and thought she’s too small for all these….but then again she’s too small for presents really.

A suggested we buy her onesies and he showed be a blue onesie which is cute and all but no, that’s blue, blue is for baby boy. Ok moving on…then I thought, shoes! I love babies’ shoes. They are so cute! (as if I’m shopping for my baby) so we decided on shoes. But….still, she’s too small for shoes. The shoes were for ages ranging from 0-3 months old and 6-12 months old I think. He said we should just get the 6-12 months old shoes because maybe only by that age she would be wearing shoes.

We thought wow baby shoes for RM60 after discount? That’s expensive for a tiny one. Then he said “anak I nanti takpe, tak pakai kasut. Anak I Tarzan”. Is he saying that I’m a gorilla?? Because Tarzan’s Mom is a gorilla. *side eyes*

Then we looked for a box for the shoes. Why can’t baby shoes have their own box like adult shoes? We found a nice little box for the shoes…A picked the box and it’s blue. I keep saying blue is for baby boys…. -___- ok nevermind it’s borderline turquoise.


Hopefully when the baby is old enough, she can wear these shoes and beanies we bought for her.  :)


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