Dreams Do Come True

I have a feeling that this post is going to be a long one, unless I get lazy halfway then maybe it would be shorter. You’ve been warned.

My family and friends or even colleagues are all well aware of my ‘obsession’ with David Beckham. I try hard not to use the word ‘obsess’ because it sounds negative so I’d say I’m a passionate fan of David Beckham. I have been a fan since I was 10, he only had Brooklyn at that time and he was the reason I liked football too. So it’s fair to say I owe him. I probably wouldn’t have my job if I didn’t like him and football. He was where it all started for me.

I remember when I was 13 he came to Malaysia to promote Castrol the oil. I was in Seremban at that time and it was a school day. I asked my Dad a day before if I could go and I remember he said yes. The next morning I was ready to go and my Dad said “no, nobody can take you there to see Beckham and you have school.” Imagine my disappointment. Of course I thought that was my only chance to meet him. So I got over that.

I had photos of him in my room, I collected news articles about him and filed them for a while. I stopped after he moved to Real Madrid. I was upset he moved too. I was angry when Ferguson kicked a boot and it hit his head. I wasn’t really a fan of Victoria either….still not quite a fan.

When people ask who’s my favourite player? Beckham. Have you met him? No.

That makes me sad.

There were a few chances for me to see him too in the past years when he came to Singapore but the chance to get up close was minimal. I’d rather not get my heart broken so I didn’t go and chase him in Marina Bay Sands.

Fast forward. Last week, I got to know that he will be in KL to promote his whiskey and that only two of us can attend the press conference. I hoped so hard that week that I will be lucky on that day. I thought I should just tag along my two colleagues to the hotel where they held the PC and if I’m lucky, I could get in.

To be honest I didn’t hope much that day. I thought I would be very lucky to even get to see him from afar. After my two colleagues registered (I can’t because they only allowed two!) and entered the PC room, I just stood outside hoping I could get a glimpse of Beckham. But then one of the organisers came to me and said they had space and I could go in. SO HAPPY! Turns out I was lucky that day!

We were seated at the back of the room, near the entrance door where Beckham would come in (lucky again!). So I shot a video of him entering the room. HE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME OMG I thought.

That moment was already the best part of LIFE.

So after the PC when he was about to leave, he will walk pass me again and I knew I needed to do something. I decided to shake his hand and he did with his gorgeous smile. OMG I TOUCHED DAVID BECKHAM IS THIS A DREAM?

Somebody in the room a caught of video of that moment too! (lucky again!)

Thanks @mintmag_my 😍

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I wish I had a photo with him but I was thankful enough that I get to meet David Beckham in person. I thought this day would never come.

Now that I’ve met Beckham, what do I look forward to next…? Nothing yet so far. I would relived that day if I can.

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