Legendary Night

I don’t really go to a lot of concerts because I don’t like crowded places and most concerts make you stand for almost two hours and no, I don’t like that either. And I always felt that I’m only going to spend for a concert by artistes/bands that I know sound the same like in the records when they sing live or else I don’t think it’s worth the money or time.

My last concert was….belieb it, I mean believe it or not, Justin Bieber in KL. Well, I was accompanying my sister, Nadhrah. And I did wear a t-shirt that says ‘Mrs. Bieber’ too. Still for my sister. Don’t judge.

Last night, I went to John Legend‘s concert at the Plenary Hall, KLCC. I knew I HAD to go when I found out he was coming and I was so close to not getting the tickets. Well actually I didn’t get the tickets because officially they were all sold out a month before the concert. So I was desperately looking for people who wanted to sell theirs and thank God I found someone who wanna sell two tickets! Bless her!

I was very lucky because I was the first to enquire her about the tickets because there were two other people who wanted to pay her double the price and paid me too but I was like NO WAY! Not at any price at all. Nope!

I held on to the tickets like my life depended on them. And a day before the concert and on that day itself I was hoping that nothing came up that could make me miss the concert.

As expected, John Legend didn’t disappoint at all. First of all I love that it was a proper concert. Everyone was dressed to the nine, I think some overdressed too but nevermind. John didn’t let us wait too long though, no opening act which was fantastic. As soon as he opened his mouth, I was like, oh wow he sounded just the same like how I always heard him on the radio or on Spotify or maybe even better. I just looooooove his flawless voice.

He didn’t need to do a lot of showmanship on the stage but he did try and he really had everyone in the hall. Especially me! :)

But the best part of the night (every night, everyday) was my plus one. He made it all perfect by just being there. I was happy to be at John’s concert but it wouldn’t have been complete without my other half. <3

The other concerts I would spend on would be Coldplay, John Mayer and Justin Timberlake. But maybe I’ll have to travel for these.


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