The Gap

Weirdest things people said to me:

“I love your metabolism rate.”

“I love your thigh gap.”

The most common remark I received all my life is ‘you’re so skinny’. I lived with that. It used to annoy me so much years back but I don’t really care anymore. This is how I am. I can’t gain weight and I take that as a blessing. Although I do wish sometimes that I had a better butt or longer legs…

But I find it a bit odd when people say they love my metabolism rate or my thigh gap. THIGH GAP. When a girl said that to me I was like, WHAT? My thigh gap? WHY?

To be honest I never really paid attention to my thighs, let alone the gap so I don’t know what’s the big deal about it. Yeah of course I don’t want my thighs to touch each other but it was never my main concern. So when someone mentioned it, it feels weird. And I guess in this generation, it’s a big deal for young girls.


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