3 Reasons Why I Don’t Do 20 Facts About Me

Recently my Instagram has been flooded with words instead of photos because everyone’s doing the ’20 facts about me’. That actually reminds me a lot of Friendster and Myspace days. I thought that was over. I don’t know who started it but I hope it ends soon.

Here are the three reasons why I don’t do ‘20 facts about me’ on Instagram.

1. Instagram is for photos

I don’t go to Instagram to read, let alone to write an essay. I wanna scroll and double tap photos on my Instagram. Not words.  

2. Who cares?

I don’t care about 5 facts about you, let alone 20. Most likely, only you care about the facts about you. If I wanna know anything about you, I’ll find out myself. Save your time.

3. Too much information

20 facts about you. That’s a lot to reveal. I consider myself a private person and sometimes I get uncomfortable when people know too much about me. I’d prefer people to be curious and it’s better to be unpredictable. So why give away too much? There’s no fun in that. ;)



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