I was having dinner with A at Burgerbyte the other day. The table behind A was a couple with a baby sleeping in a stroller. So while the wife was paying for their food, the Dad was minding the sleeping baby facing him in the stroller and at the same time he was smoking. A was talking to me but I was totally distracted by such disturbing sight behind him.

I just cannot believe it. How can someone be so ignorant? I can even smell his cigarette smoke and I was sitting across him, let alone the baby.

You know, maybe some will say it’s none of my business, it’s not my baby, it’s no one related to me even but it’s like if you see someone slipped while walking, especially kids or old people, you would have the urge to help them up. That was exactly how I felt for the baby. I felt like telling the man not to smoke in front of the baby for obvious reason. But I did not because yes, a part of me said I should mind my own business.

Some people shouldn’t have babies.

2 thoughts on “Irks

  1. farhanahd September 6, 2014 / 10:17 AM

    I always go to them and tell them to stop. A lot of people have asked me to stop doing that because these ignorants would get irritated but I just cant. :s Kesian kan the babies.

    • Aysha September 6, 2014 / 10:23 AM

      I wish I had your guts. :/

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