What’s New?

It has been three months since I last logged in into my own blog and the first thing I did was checking out the new themes on WordPress. Honestly, why do I even bother about themes when I don’t even write regularly anymore, really? Anyway, there’s no nice new themes so I’m just going to stick with this one.

I really missed writing. I used to write a lot more. Be it personally here or for work. My current job doesn’t really require me to write that much anymore and sometimes I’m afraid that my writings will be rusty. Well, that’s actually the main reason I’m writing right now.

My siblings, all three of them have moved to KL last week. My youngest sister has started University, my brother has started working and my other sister is continuing her degree next month. Everything is happening so fast. I am even already in my 9th month in KL. My parents are now alone in JB with the cats since we’ve all moved to KL. It’s back to square one for them. I don’t know if they are enjoying it but it must be really quiet back at home.

I guess if I was to blog regularly for the past four months, it will most likely be about this one person who has been the reason of my smile since four months ago. God, I sound so cheesy and it’s probably best that I wasn’t blogging much or your keyboards will be stained with vomits. I blame him for my cheesiness…and the butterflies in my stomach. Ok I’ll stop.


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