Not Now

Yesterday I rejected a job offer.

I am only five months into my current job and just two weeks ago I received a job offer with better salary and benefits but an almost completely different scope of job but still in the same field – football. They wanted me to start by World Cup and my current employer needs me for World Cup too. It was not really an easy decision for me to make because I knew the new job offer is a step forward I can take to further my career.

What am I doing now is nothing like what I did before for two years when I was in Singapore. I’ve learnt a lot of new things especially in the broadcasting and production field. Learnt new skills too! and I’m happy I could include that in my CV. So the thing is I am not unhappy with my current job. Well maybe salary-wise is not very exciting but I like my job environment, the flexibility and the people I work with. The truth is, there’s a lot a will have to sacrifice if I accepted the new job.

I thought again….some things need sacrifice. I thought again, I thought a lot. I don’t have to rush into a new job. It was too short-noticed too. I might not be ready, I might not like the new job and in a way I feel committed to my current job and I actually like what I’m doing. Best to speak to my parents about it and knowing them, they just want me to be happy with what I do despite the money or perks.

I always know what I want. And what I want now is to stay with my current job which makes me happy. Not entirely contented but happy. I always believe that better opportunities will always come. Just do your best at your job which you like or not. Put your best effort and your dreams will come to you. It happened to me before and I hope it will happen again for me in the future.



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