Family Love

There are many ways one can define love. But for me the one true love is the love from your family.

One night, I was out with my Dad. My Mom, brother and two sisters went to the cinema to watch Hobbit. It wasn’t Dad’s kind of movie because he will sleep and snore! So it was better if he didn’t join. I didn’t watch the first Hobbit so I wasn’t interested in the sequel.

It was late, almost midnight. Dad and I went to Rasta for drinks while waiting for Mom and my siblings.  My brother drove my Mom and sisters to the cinema after we had dinner in Shah Alam but before he left, he transferred his bag from his car to my Dad’s car.

So Dad and I arrived at Rasta. Just a father-daughter night out…sort of. At around 1am we left Rasta and realised that someone broke the car’s back window. The only thing at the back seat was my brother’s bag and every compartment of the bag was unzipped!

We start to worry wondering what was my brother carrying in his bag. He was going to sleep at my place so we expected that he might have brought his laptop along with him like he normally did. But we never really knew at that time if he had it in the bag that night or not. Dad said we shouldn’t ask him yet because he was watching a movie and we didn’t want him to worry.

So we figured out a few scenarios.

1. If he brought his laptop, it was obviously stolen then
2. But every pocket of the bag was opened – if the thief got the laptop he won’t bother about the other pockets.
3. He didn’t bring his laptop with him so the thief left with nothing.

My Dad and I felt sad for my brother at that time because we were 70% convinced he had his laptop with him. So we were already thinking about getting a new laptop for him. And Dad was hoping he didn’t have anything important in the laptop.

At that time their movie was almost over, I tweeted about the incident and in seconds we got a call from Mom and it was also a moment of relieved when my brother said he didn’t bring his laptop that night. Phew! Now all the worries earlier was a waste of time.

Feelings like this you can’t fake. It’s so true and real. My family means the world to me and no one can change that. Maybe people say that they are my family so I have to love them. Well, not really. I know people who don’t feel like this towards their family and I feel sorry for them. My family is my wealth and I’m eternally grateful for them.


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