2013 Done & Dusted

My friend, Angel told me that there were snowflakes flowing down my blog and I didn’t even realised it because obviously I haven’t been on here for ages. And thank you, Angel for bringing me back here and yes, the snowflakes were really nice.

I thought 2013 was not my year, a bad year for me since the very first day but I could not remember what happened on that day that made me think so. Maybe I don’t want to remember it.

Come to the last day of the year, I had a different feeling about the year. If 2012 was the best – all fun – all rainbows year for me, then 2013 was a turning point. I would say it was challenging in terms of work, love, financially and just life in general.



  • The company I worked for, ESPN Star Sports was taken over by Fox Sports. They had different directions from ESPN and to be honest I wasn’t really enjoying work when they took over. People started leaving too and that made me sad.
  • Went to Gold Coast, Australia for the first time with Malaysia U23 team.
  • Broke up. Badly.


  • Bought my first car. The first one with it was tough – got into two accidents and it is currently in repair because I got into my third accident two weeks ago. I miss it terribly.
  • Turned 23.

Nothing much happened from March to April. (No record of anything)



  • Travelled to Maldives for the first time – for work – with the Selangor team. We were only in Male, the city and I regret until today that we didn’t visit the amazing islands because the day we were supposed to go, the weather was bad so the trip was cancelled.
  • A day after I came back from Maldives, I left for Europe. I was on route to Slovakia but I purposely booked a flight that transits in London for 9 hours. I walked around London with my friend, Emil and actually missed my flight to Vienna because I was at the wrong terminal at Heathrow and I was late. Thank God there was a last flight. Had a slight nightmare but all worth it.
  • While we were there I also had the chance to visit Prague. It was so gorgeous I wanted to get married there!

Cannot recall June and July – bad months I think!


  • Despite not being entirely happy at Fox, despite getting offers from Astro, I decided to continue my contract with Fox for half a year. I had commitments.



  • Travelled to Bandung, Indonesia for the first time. Again with Harimau Muda. Unfortunately they didn’t win the tournament (Menpora Cup) but it was a great experience. I heard people talk about Bandung, how it’s great for shopping but I don’t think I liked Bandung. Jakarta is better.



  • Bought an apartment! I didn’t really have a serious thought about buying a house this year. In fact I didn’t think I would secure a property so soon, at 23. I remember I was in the car with my Dad driving and I told him I wanted to buy a house, it just popped in my mind. The next week, I secured the place. Happened so quick.
  • I had braces on – something I have always wanted to have since I was in school but it was always 50/50. This time around, no second thought.

No memory of November….must be a boring month.



  • Rent a new SOHO in Damansara. I guess I’ll be back in KL again after being away for two years.
  • Travelled to Naypyidaw, Myanmar for SEA Games.
  • Quit my job at Fox with a slightly heavy heart.
  • Signed with Astro.

I guess 2013 was not so bad after all. It may be difficult at some points but that it was the year I learned patience, responsibility, how to be strong, how to overcome things, ย what decisions to make, what to keep what to let go and most importantly it taught me how to be an adult, a woman.

Travelled to six countries, left Singapore, left my job, got a new job, fell in and out of love, made new friends, kept old friends. 2013, you were remarkable.

2014, I am ever ready.


2 thoughts on “2013 Done & Dusted

  1. MMMH (@drmuhaimin) January 2, 2014 / 7:50 PM

    A fan of ur tweets & writings. Hoping u have a good year in 2014. #believe

    • Aysha January 2, 2014 / 8:02 PM

      Thank you. You too!

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