2013 Done & Dusted

My friend, Angel told me that there were snowflakes flowing down my blog and I didn’t even realised it because obviously I haven’t been on here for ages. And thank you, Angel for bringing me back here and yes, the snowflakes were really nice.

I thought 2013 was not my year, a bad year for me since the very first day but I could not remember what happened on that day that made me think so. Maybe I don’t want to remember it.

Come to the last day of the year, I had a different feeling about the year. If 2012 was the best – all fun – all rainbows year for me, then 2013 was a turning point. I would say it was challenging in terms of work, love, financially and just life in general.



  • The company I worked for, ESPN Star Sports was taken over by Fox Sports. They had different directions from ESPN and to be honest I wasn’t really enjoying work when they took over. People started leaving too and that made me sad.
  • Went to Gold Coast, Australia for the first time with Malaysia U23 team.
  • Broke up. Badly.


  • Bought my first car. The first one with it was tough – got into two accidents and it is currently in repair because I got into my third accident two weeks ago. I miss it terribly.
  • Turned 23.

Nothing much happened from March to April. (No record of anything)



  • Travelled to Maldives for the first time – for work – with the Selangor team. We were only in Male, the city and I regret until today that we didn’t visit the amazing islands because the day we were supposed to go, the weather was bad so the trip was cancelled.
  • A day after I came back from Maldives, I left for Europe. I was on route to Slovakia but I purposely booked a flight that transits in London for 9 hours. I walked around London with my friend, Emil and actually missed my flight to Vienna because I was at the wrong terminal at Heathrow and I was late. Thank God there was a last flight. Had a slight nightmare but all worth it.
  • While we were there I also had the chance to visit Prague. It was so gorgeous I wanted to get married there!

Cannot recall June and July – bad months I think!


  • Despite not being entirely happy at Fox, despite getting offers from Astro, I decided to continue my contract with Fox for half a year. I had commitments.



  • Travelled to Bandung, Indonesia for the first time. Again with Harimau Muda. Unfortunately they didn’t win the tournament (Menpora Cup) but it was a great experience. I heard people talk about Bandung, how it’s great for shopping but I don’t think I liked Bandung. Jakarta is better.



  • Bought an apartment! I didn’t really have a serious thought about buying a house this year. In fact I didn’t think I would secure a property so soon, at 23. I remember I was in the car with my Dad driving and I told him I wanted to buy a house, it just popped in my mind. The next week, I secured the place. Happened so quick.
  • I had braces on – something I have always wanted to have since I was in school but it was always 50/50. This time around, no second thought.

No memory of November….must be a boring month.



  • Rent a new SOHO in Damansara. I guess I’ll be back in KL again after being away for two years.
  • Travelled to Naypyidaw, Myanmar for SEA Games.
  • Quit my job at Fox with a slightly heavy heart.
  • Signed with Astro.

I guess 2013 was not so bad after all. It may be difficult at some points but that it was the year I learned patience, responsibility, how to be strong, how to overcome things,  what decisions to make, what to keep what to let go and most importantly it taught me how to be an adult, a woman.

Travelled to six countries, left Singapore, left my job, got a new job, fell in and out of love, made new friends, kept old friends. 2013, you were remarkable.

2014, I am ever ready.


2 thoughts on “2013 Done & Dusted

  1. MMMH (@drmuhaimin) January 2, 2014 / 7:50 PM

    A fan of ur tweets & writings. Hoping u have a good year in 2014. #believe

    • Aysha January 2, 2014 / 8:02 PM

      Thank you. You too!

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