After 23 years, I finally visited Sarawak. Well, everyone in my family has never been there either. I am not sure why we never went there and now we kind of have a reason to go because Mom reconnected with her long lost Sarawakian friend and she wanted to visit her so she thought why not we spend a weekend there since we have never been there? So okay!

At first I didn’t know what to expect from Kuching. I was not sure what the city is like. Is it like KL, JB, boring Kuantan, slow-developing Seremban or almost-not-developing Ipoh? I was very curious.

When we landed at the Kuching airport, I knew it was not Ipoh, Seremban or Kuantan but it’s not KL either of course. It’s something in between but maybe much more cultured – differently. My Mom’s friend and her two sons picked us up at the airport and I swear I could not understand anything when they talked to each other. The sons didn’t talk to us much because apparently they don’t speak ‘Semenanjung’ but they can understand it. I did try anyway.

Mom’s friend was so excited to have us around and she even made an itinerary for us on places we will visit. Totally felt like tourists.

We first went to the waterfront where we took a taxi boat to cross the Sarawak river. It was only a short trip costs 50 cent and you arrived before you even realised it.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Crossing Sarawak river – taken from the boat.

We crossed the river to get to a food court there which unfortunately at that time I still couldn’t eat anything nice!

The next morning we went to the Cat Museum which is apparently a must go because it’s Kuching?

I was hoping for more real cats but NO. Only cat statues and cat facts which were quite interesting.

Cutest kitty there!

And later in the evening we visited the Cultural House of Sarawak. I think they had something like this in Melaka but maybe this one is better. The place is massive. There were Iban house, Melanau house, Malay house, Chinese house etc and we only went to three houses because it was so hot and we couldn’t go on.

Melanau House was the most interesting because it’s so tall. I think it was 7 feet tall from the ground to the first floor of the house. It has about three floors I think. I guess Melanau people aren’t scared of heights. Bungee jumping is nothing to them.

Rainforest Music Festival is held here too
The passport when you enter the Cultural Village. There’s a stamp you can collect when you visit the houses.
Super tall Melanau House
Mak Cik making kuih kapit at Malay House

What I like the most was when you visit the houses, you don’t feel like they are only show houses because there will be people like this woman above in the kitchen making and selling the traditional kuihs on the spot.

There are a few new shopping malls in Kuching but I only went to one – Plaza Merdeka because we didn’t really have much time to visit everything but I can say that I like Kuching.

I’m just glad that I almost covered the whole Malaysia – my own country – after 23 years. Now we have only Sabah left which we are looking forward to visit soon hopefully!




2 thoughts on “Kuching

  1. tacokitten November 2, 2013 / 3:05 PM

    I’m sad to say that as a Malaysian, I have never visited East Malaysia. Must do so one day!

    • Aysha December 30, 2013 / 3:30 PM

      It took me 23 years! ;)

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