Clooney It

I think I always have interesting conversations with Aiman. He is still in Canada now and should be coming back soon I hope because the last time I saw him was maybe four years ago? So we normally communicate through iMessage and FaceTime.

We don’t talk everyday but when we do I think it’s kind of different and interesting in some ways. But I don’t think he’s an interesting guy (no offence, Aiman!)

So last night we FaceTime and had this conversation.

Aiman: Do you think George Clooney is lonely?

Me: Yes

Aiman: But I think he’s cool. I think I wanna ‘Clooney it’

Me: George Clooney does not want to be committed to anyone but still wants to have fun with girls.

Aiman: Yeah, I think I wanna be like that.

Me: Clooney is going to regret it one day because nobody wants to grow old alone.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

I don’t know Clooney personally obviously but I read that his long-time girlfriend left him because he doesn’t want to get married. I think that’s a shame. Sure I think he gets all the girls but if he doesn’t want to commit to one I don’t think he will die happy despite the fame and money.

But my friend Aiman here, wants to ‘Clooney it!’ (is there even such thing?) which I think is not a brilliant idea. I hope that feeling is temporary because first of all he is not George Clooney (again, no offence Aiman! :P).


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