Brace Yourself


If you asked me what am I feeling right now, I would say – HUNGRY and I am not really as happy as I look like on the photo above. And I think I have been hungry since two days ago. :(

I am currently on painkillers and have been eating porridge and a little bit of ice cream ONLY for the past two days so now you know why I’m hungry.

After years (Mom thought I should wear braces since when I was 16) I finally decided to put on braces and I am a little bit regretting it now because my mouth hurts and I cannot eat proper food. By proper food I mean chicken, rice, beef, fries….all the good food.

Last week I went to the dentist to clean up my teeth before they put on the braces. This part, I didn’t enjoy at all. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the dentist and that’s not good.

So the dentist cleaned up my teeth and the scaling part was a nightmare. It hurt so bad I was bleeding – I have a weak gum. It bleeds even when I brush my teeth.

Then they took an x-ray of my mouth which was the cool part and then they make a cast of my teeth. The cast tasted like mango a bit but I was choking when they put it in my mouth to make a cast of my top teeth. I was bleeding again when they casted my bottom teeth.

Then the next week, I met the orthodontist to install the braces.

A day before that, I went on YouTube for Braces 101. You know to prepare myself in case it’s painful but it wasn’t painful. Except when they used this one thing I don’t know what is it called to open your mouth so wide. It’s uncomfortable and my cheeks hurt. But I didn’t cry of course.

I did it in the morning so I didn’t eat anything prior to that so I was really hungry and I decided to go Sushi King for lunch with my sister. BAD IDEA. I ordered a set meal which includes rice, soup, unagi and a tofu. Well guess what? I could only eat the tofu. I can’t chew anything I felt like crying because I was so hungry. I’m so dramatic forgive me.

It still didn’t hurt on the first day. It’s just that I can’t chew food.

The next day, OMG my gum was starting to hurt. My mom made porridge for me, thank God I can eat that but still it’s annoying when the rice get stuck in the wires……

I had to take the painkiller before I go to work and that was the first time I have ever swallowed a painkiller. Works like magic!

Everyone said it will only hurt for three days or so, but my friend said it hurt for a week when she had it on and I hope it won’t be for a week for me because my family and I are going to Sarawak on Friday and I really want to be able to eat and chew like a normal person.

It is frustrating and I started thinking why in the world I paid so much to feel like this?!

I just hope I’ll get over this soon and hopefully I won’t have to wear it for too long.

When people say ‘beauty is pain’, don’t argue!

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