Someone asked me if I would buy something that looks nice but with little function or something that does not look so nice but with many functions.

That got me thinking but my first thought was of course I would buy something that is more useful to me despite the look of it.

Then he asked me another question, would you rather have an ugly baby but when he/she grows up he/she will be good looking or a very cute baby but ugly when he/she grows up?

I thought why is this even a question? Then I said maybe I’ll take an ugly baby but good looking in the future.

Then he said, “WHAT? WHY? I would rather have a cute baby because when he/she is still a baby he/she will be with the parents all the time so it’s better to have a cute baby and if he/she grows up to be ugly that’s their problem.”


I thought that says a lot about a person and he actually admits that he’s shallow.

In a way it says something about me too. I always thought I like good looking things, I do of course but I don’t think I’m shallow.

I’m not judging him though. I guess he can afford to be shallow ;)


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