Mind The Gap

I think girls will normally have a group of friends that are around their age. Say if she’s 20, her friends would be 19, 20 or maybe the oldest could be 23? Guys on the other hand could have friends of all ages and it’s not a problem because they seem to could get along well.

As for me, the closest oldest friend I have is only three years older than me – 26. All the while I have only been friends with those who are my age, a year or two years younger or older. Not more than that.

I do meet a lot of people especially after I started working but I don’t normally get close to people who are much older than me and I wonder why. Is it because I can’t fit in or I don’t think older people want to be friends with me? But I think it’s me.

Recently I start to feel that maybe it’s not good that most of my friends are the same age or younger than me. Not that I’m going to ‘unfriend’ my friends but maybe being friends with people who are older than me could help me grow better. Wow I’m already 23 going 24 and only now I’m talking about ‘growing’.

I am the eldest of four siblings so I don’t have an older brother or sister that I could maybe look up to. I grew and developed myself through the friends I made and people I met in school, in college, at work.

Ok let me get to the point why I only realised this now.

I recently met someone who is seven years older than me. He doesn’t look 30 at all. I thought he was 25. It was shocking when he said he was 30.

Doesn’t matter that. The problem is I have never been close to anyone who’s so much older than me so I don’t know how do I act around him and how do I talk or treat him. The bigger problem is I kept forgetting he’s 30!

Like one time when he asked me randomly what’s the worst thing I have done, or how many guys I’ve dated…I was reluctant to tell because I was scared he would judge me like any other young guys I know would (I think?). Then I stopped and thought he’s 30 he would probably not be surprised at all about anything because he has lived seven years longer than me and what I have done or been through could be nothing to him.

It’s like if I say the worst thing I have done is lying to my Mom – he would find it hilarious because that’s not even the worst thing for him (but it is. Lying is never ok).  You get my point.

To be honest I’m still trying to adapt to this situation and it has only been a month. I was always the ‘older’ one when I get close to someone before. At least that’s what I’d like to think. But it’s a different game now and it’s not very pleasant when I feel like a kid but it’s interesting in a way.

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much?

One thought on “Mind The Gap

  1. aa October 1, 2013 / 11:28 AM

    definitely thinking too much :)

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