I feel like I have been away for too long. I miss home. The last time I was home was before Merdeka. So it has been three weeks now.

I was in KL at the end of last month, then I was in Kuantan was 10 days and now I am in Bandung. Work. Work. Work.

I do love being away but it’s not entirely fun to be away alone. It’s always the company that makes a trip worthwhile, I thought. It’s just that it’s nicer to have someone to share with.

Anyway, this is my first time in Bandung and so far all I can say is I do not have the patience for the traffic jam here and we are not even staying in the city of Bandung. I have not been doing anything much except for work – to the stadium and nasi padang for lunch – which was really, nothing special in my opinion.

But I do love my room. It has a beautiful bed like a wedding bed and I think it’s a room for newlyweds too….it’s a shame I don’t have a groom :P


The hotel is not too shabby. It doesn’t have a fantastic view around it but it’s probably the best hotel around this part of Bandung. It’s called The Papandayan Hotel and I’m on The Classic floor.



Whenever I asked people what’s there to do in Bandung, they will always say ‘SHOPPING’. So we will be be shopping later today before we leave on Wednesday. A part of me just can’t wait to go home :)


One thought on “Bandung

  1. Ana September 29, 2013 / 2:19 PM

    The hotel looks AMAZING!!!!

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