That Phase

I guess at this age, my age – 23 going 24 in a few months, the topic that people talk about is ‘marriage’.  Well my cousins are married with kids, some of my friends are either engaged or married too. I’m truly happy for them but I am not particularly under pressure to get married.

Thankfully, my parents never mentioned about it. Because I am only 23 and I do think I’m still too young to get married but I wouldn’t mind if I’m ready.

Engagement ceremonies are so grand these days it freaked me out a little bit. I have always thought a Malay engagement ceremony is not necessary and pointless. I thought if a couple who have waited so long to get married, should just get married forget being engaged. So I told my parents that there will not be an engagement ceremony for me – when the time comes.

I hope my future-husband is fine with that. He should be, right?

I guess getting engaged is like to let everyone know that you are taken, you have someone and will get married. But even then, some people didn’t marry their fiance either.

Then my youngest sister said: “Aren’t you already ‘engaged’ if you simply agreed to marry someone?”

She gets it.

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