Syawal This Year

There’s still about a week of Raya and I think it’s not too late for a Raya post – but my Raya is finished after a week and a half though. I still had a tiring and occupied Raya!

We spent our first Raya in Sepang and left for Ipoh the night itself. I did a lot of driving for this year which was why it was tiring.

Always the best thing about it for me is the dressing up with new clothes and meeting with my cousins, grandparents…of course it also means I had to bear with marriage questions from my grandmother. It’s fine – I just told her to find one rich and handsome man for me every time! :P


Not my car. It’s my uncle’s


Mom and sisters checking out photos….


This is my little cousin, Fellysha. She’s the best baby I know because she gets comfortable with anyone!


Second day of Raya.

The reason I had my hair tied up on the second day of Raya was because my hair iron broke and I didn’t have time to go to the salon to do my hair! Of all days it decided to burn during Raya…. sigh.

And on the third day of Raya I was in Shah Alam Stadium for Malaysia vs Barcelona.

Neymar. As close as I can get :)

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So that’s how my Raya went!


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