Always There Sometimes

Remember my post ‘Looking for A‘? That was almost three months ago.

Well I am not looking for him anymore because as expected he came back and found me. That’s typical him. He went Missing-In-Action all the time, come and go whenever he wishes. It is sometimes frustrating but I don’t think about it too much.

A couple of weeks ago an old friend from high school sent me a message on Facebook:

M: Aysha you know A right? He’s asking for your number…
Me: Which A?
M: I don’t know his full name…he stays in Ampang…

I knew it was him the first time she mentioned him, I just wanted to make sure. To be honest I was happy. Well, he’s been missing for three months so I did wonder where he was!

It turns out he got into a terrible accident – his car was burnt down together with some of his belongings including his phone hence him not contacting me because he lost my number….what a story.

We got in touch again and we met after two years. He fractured his knees from the accident but he’s okay walking normally now.

He was still the same, saying the same nice things to me. Nice to hear but I’m not convinced because I feel that he is hiding something from me and that he is not being completely honest with me.

It’s kinda sad but then again I never really truly knew him completely….because he’s always missing.

I’ve known him for four years now. It seems like he’s always there but he’s not always there.

What are we?

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