I’m probably the last person who should give advice on relationships or love or even speak of it but I’m glad I realised something before it’s too late.

People who love but can’t commit, should not get into a relationship. Commitment is definitely key. That is something I didn’t have and something that I am trying to learn by myself. I knew I was in love but I never realised that I had a serious commitment issue.

It is possible to love but can’t commit. I realised couples who last long it’s because they are committed to each other not only that they love each other. It takes more than love to be in a relationship. Sure, you can love, you are in love but can you commit to the relationship, to your girlfriend or boyfriend? If you feel you can’t then don’t. Because it’s not going to work.

This is considered a flaw that I have and I think I need to fix it.




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