Adult Matters

Today, I told my supervisor I want to move on and that my time is up at the company. I pretty much have made up my mind that I wanted to see out of my contract which ends in less than a month from now. I just have not made any decision yet on when exactly will I start a new journey at a new company.

I thought it was going to be quick chat and that he would understand my situation and make it easy for me but I was wrong.

I have so much respect for him and he’s one of the nicest at work. And then he told me to shut the door of his office and said:

“Why….?” (almost whispering)

I know he knows exactly why.

and then he continues…

“What can I do to make you stay…?”

I thought wow. That’s a tough question because it’s not about the company not treating me well or not paying well that make me want to leave.

I paused for a while. I told him I don’t know…

He wants me to stay at least until December but it’s best for him if I stay until June next year which I really don’t expect to.

“The site couldn’t run with only one person and we all here know you are one of our valuable staff we have. Do you think you can stay? I will speak to the HR….”

I paused again. Thinking.

It did cross my mind to stay until December for some reasons related to my job. But I was certain that it’s time to go.

Anyway, because he asked nicely and because I have been there for two good years, I thought maybe a few months more wouldn’t hurt. I just told him that I would reconsider it and it was good enough for him.

Isn’t it just tiring being an adult? You’ve got to make important decisions in life and be prepared of the consequences if it’s a bad decision. It’s quite a tough year for me but it matures me and I guess that’s a good thing.


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