Mom is 50

My mother is the opposite of my dad. If my dad is soft spoken, then my mom is more stern and fierce. She doesn’t let anyone messes with her. My family thinks I am like her in many ways. Unlike my dad, mom doesn’t really shows she cares directly. People who don’t know her well might find her difficult to understand and just unpredictable but she’s my mother and I know her too well. My dad out of all people, knows her best.

She’s not a stay-home mom. She was when I was younger but it’s just not her to stay-home. She likes to be busy. She’s passionate and very hardworking. Always gives her all on something that she really enjoys doing. She was an accountant, a lecturer, a kindergarten principal, a food stall owner and now she has her own tudung business which is doing very well. Sometimes I think she works too hard but then I know she wouldn’t do it if she doesn’t like or enjoy it so we let her be and support her in any way we can.

Last night my brother and I bought a cake for her. She turns 50 today. That’s a huge number. I am not sure how she feels about it but I certainly can’t imagine me at 50. We prepared the cake with candles and we also had my sister, Nadhrah on Skype since she’s in KL now. Mom was so happy and at the same time dad was recording the moment on Vine. Oh he Vines all the time. He just loves it even I don’t use it much.

It was just a simple celebration with our cats around which she loves too much. We might even cut our Raya break short because mom’s concern about the cats!

I wish for her good health at all time and all the happiness in the world. She’s 50 now and it doesn’t make me happy to see people I love getting older but that’s how it is.

Happy 50th Birthday, Mak. Lots of love.


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