I just got back in JB after spending a week in KL and I thought it was a fantastic stay. A lot of interesting things happened but for some reasons I couldn’t tell all. How I wish I could. But maybe I will eventually.

I have been offered a new job in KL and I must say it’s attractive. It’s a little bit different compared to my current job but it’s still football. Most importantly, they are serious about hiring me. I have not decided anything yet but I don’t deny any possibility that I might be back in KL for good. A lot of things are changing around me and 2013 is like one new life that is not connected to 2012 which was amazing. I’m still getting used to it.

In other news (sometimes I forgot that I’m blogging and not reporting but whatever), I met someone two days ago and we managed to hang out last night. His entourage just left for Jakarta today. Which means last night was probably the last time I would see him. Shame I knew him only for two days! But I enjoyed it while it lasts and I’m glad he did too. It has been too long since I had butterflies in my stomach. They are still there! Let’s not get too carried away now…. :)


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