How far can people go when they really love or hate something? I always believe there’s a beast in everyone and there’s a saint in everyone. How bad or how good is a different story.

I met my Mom’s friend two days ago. She has I think four children, all are married even the youngest one but the second daughter is still single and she’s 36 years old.

I don’t know why she would open up about her daughter to me. I mean, we’re not really close but I think she mentioned about it before to my Mom and maybe my Mom has told me about it but I wasn’t paying attention.

The daughter is 36 years old and still single. The mother said two years ago they found out that the daughter has been black magic-ed by a man when she was in college. It’s a case of ‘if I can’t have you, no one can’. How horrible.

The mother said they have taken her for healing but now it’s all up to God whether she will ever be married or not. The guy who did it is now married with kids. Sigh

All these years she has been rejecting other guys but little that anyone knew that she was under an evil spell. I felt sorry for her and juts can’t imagine if it happens to me or anyone close to me.

Some people are so mean and can be so selfish to this extend. Well I hope she does get well eventually and find someone.


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