It suddenly hit me today when a friend from college said “Buat benda tak baik, Tuhan tarik rezeki…”

I’ve not seen him since I graduated. We were in the same course. I think that was over two years ago. He’s doing some business now. He seemed fine. I thought he was going to be some famous musician when he left school. Well, he’s a great guitarist and was in a band but he’s not anymore.

First impression on him, you would think he’s the kind of person who will not get his life sorted. That’s half true maybe but he has a kind heart.

I have been saying how my life is not going so well at the moment. How things seem to be against me and it’s so frustrating. Then I met him. He said after college he did Score A. It’s sort of like a Multilevel Marketing. I still remember how he was very serious doing it but then it went downhill for him. He even said that he lived in his car for a month because he was completely broke before he actually got a job – for a month only though and then now he’s doing a small business. In that two years after college, he must have gone through a lot.

This guy too had gone on a marriage course with his then girlfriend. So he has planned to get married but things didn’t work out as he wished it would be….that must be really heartbreaking.

Just when I thought I was having the worst time of my life, someone actually had it worse than me.

Sometimes I do think and feel that I haven’t been thankful enough for what I have or don’t have. How everything is in God’s hands. You can plan all you want, wish as hard as you can and actually get all that you have asked for but we must also remember that we can lose it all in a blink.

Humans. We get too carried away so easily sometimes.


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