Czech it

We actually toured Prague with a tour guide today. I always thought travelling in a group with a tour guide is lame and a nuisance but it was actually fun and most importantly we got to learn more about the city. Of couse you can read about it but it’s always better when someone tells you a story.

Prague is love.

We basically went to the famous Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Saint Vitus Cathedral and others (wasn’t paying attention to the tour guide towards the end…)







To be honest, it never really crossed my mind to travel to Czech Republic. But I have always wanted to go to Italy and France (soon hopefully).
But I’m glad that I visited Prague. It’s a romantic city – it felt like it. If only I was there with a lover then the trip would be perfect. Wow damsel in distress.

There was even a wedding going on at one of the churches near the Astronomical Clock. How beautiful to be married in Prague. I actually though of getting married there or at least spend my honeymoon there. Sounds lovely! :)))

I’m sure I’ll come back here one day.



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