I am actually sad that David Beckham has decided to retire.

He was the reason I started watching football when I was 10 – together with my Dad encouraging me. But Beckham was the start of it. I think it’s fair to say he’s part of my life :P

I’m sad because he’s the one person that I want to meet so bad for the obvious reason but now that he has retired from football, I don’t see how I can ever meet him :/

When I was 13, Beckham was in Malaysia promoting Castrol. It was a school day and I told my Dad  the day before that he must take me to KL (I was in Seremban) because I want to meet Beckham then he said okay (I thought he did).

The next morning I was ready to go and he asked: “Where are you going?” – my stomach dropped.

“I thought we are going to KL to see Beckham?”

“When? It’s school day.”

I think I cried.

We didn’t go of course.

That was my best chance and now it’s gone and probably will never come back.


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