It’s time to admit that I am a terrible blogger. I tried to find time to update this blog and when I did, I’d be damn lazy. It’s not supposed to be chore, is it?

Anyway it’s 2043hrs now in Prague. I’ve been here since three days ago and I’m loving every minute of it….the weather, not so much.

Night is short here and I don’t think I’ve been getting enough sleep. It’s Spring and it only gets dark at around 9pm and it’s bright at 5am :/ but thank God my body has adjusted with the time here.

I also just realised today that it’s 11 days until I return to Singapore. Still a long way to go and I think I am out of things to wear. OMG. I thought I was leaving soon already but NO…

Prague is beautiful. It’s better than Slovakia. Slovakia is like the kampung of Europe. I call the people there European kampung heheh. But it’s true they are not very rich or modern people. I have a few friends from there and they admit that they can’t earn much in Slovakia. They have to work abroad to provide for the family.

Tomorrow we are going sightseeing for the whole day and they have been talking about the Charles Bridge and how beautiful it is during sunset.

Can’t wait. More photos later, I hope :)

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