Malaysian ‘The Vow’

I actually tried to watch Aku Terima Nikahnya online, TWICE but I just…can’t. I watched it for 30 minutes then I stopped. It’s so silly, slow, lame and the dubbing is so awful. Seriously, it’s 2013. What’s with the voice dubbing?

I could be the only one who thinks Adi Putra and Nora Danish don’t have the chemistry but they seem to be acting together a lot lately. Well maybe a lot of people like to see them together because they look good together? It’s also sad when I see people comment on Nora’s or Adi’s Instagram that says they should be together in real life. That’s so disrespectful to Adi’s wife.

Of course the reason I actually tried TWICE to watch Aku Terima Nikahnya was Adi Putra :P I already knew the movie was a copy of The Vow but only that this one, the husband lost his memory while in The Vow, the wife did.

I’m not going to try and watch it anymore.


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