Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

I can say that all my life people have been telling me to EAT. If you’ve never met me, I’m actually very skinny and I have always been like this and seriously I DO EAT. It bothers me when people tell me to eat or ask me if I don’t eat. If I don’t eat, I would not be able to walk or even reply to that silly question.

I wonder myself, why I’m skinny and can’t gain weight no matter how much I eat? Because I’m the only one in my family who’s skinny. I used to drink the weight gain milk but it didn’t work either. The doctor said I have a high metabolism rate in my body and it burns whatever I eat so quickly and that’s why I could never gain weight.

My Mom was like me too when she was young, so maybe it’s in the gene besides the metabolism. Also mostly people who asked if I don’t eat don’t even know what on earth is a ‘metabolism’.

I stopped drinking weight gain milk or see the doctors after a while because it’s just not working and I’m not even sick. I’m perfectly fine and I feel fine.

I surfed on the net finding answers about my body. And I found this video on YouTube. It’s a BBC Documentary titled: Why Are Thin People Not Fat? It’s a very long video. So I watched the first 30 minutes and skip to the results on the last minutes. It’s an experiment with a group of people who had to eat a lot of food and then they will see who gets fat, who didn’t gain a pound and why.

I found that video very helpful. 

Apparently, there’s a mechanism in my stomach that sets a limit on how much food I can take. If it thinks I had enough, then I won’t be able to eat anymore and if I forced it, I’ll throw up (I have never forced it though). THIS answers something. Most of the time, I can’t finish my food even when I really wanted to. Especially when it’s a big portion. Now I know why. In the video it says, my body doesn’t allow me to gain weight.

Other reasons are because of my gene and the high metabolism rate. 

I love to eat. I may not eat everything at one go but normally I eat many times a day. Small or normal portion each meal. I get full very quickly and I’ll be hungry again an hour later. That’s just how my body works and honestly I’m fine with it but of course a little bit of fat helps when it gets cold! :)


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