Last week was the first time I drove in Singapore. FYI, foreign registered vehicles can drive in Singapore for free for 10 days in a year. Yes only 10 days in a year and after that its SG$20 per day. I am on my 9th day now. My free days is ending and probably this week is the last week I’m driving here :/

As much as it gives me the convenience to drive around in Singapore, it also got me into a series of unfortunate events. I kinda had a bad week with my car – first time driving in Singapore.

I went out for lunch, parked in a neighbourhood, on a double line thinking I could get away with it but NO. I got a ticket and costs me around $100. *cries My first ever summon.

Then two days ago, I actually got into an accident. My mind was not right at that time, to be honest. I was turning left at the junction but I didn’t see a car was coming from my right….then BAM! the car hit the back side of my car on the right.

God I’m so screwed. I was hoping so bad that it’s not bad and that the person was a nice person.


The photo above is the guy’s car. My car was dented a bit not as bad as his car and that’s why I’m even more screwed. The guy was okay. He took my contact number and other personal details and told me to just find a workshop to fix his car.

Found a workshop and the repair costs me SG$500+ *CRIES 

I felt like I shouldn’t drive anymore. It doesn’t hurt me that my car was dented but it hurts my bank account so much :(

I guess this is a good lesson for me. A painful one!


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