Surfer’s Paradise

This post is long overdue. I have been back from Gold Coast, Australia for a week now.

Down Under. To be honest, Australia has never been in my Must-Go-Before-I-Die list. For some reason I can’t find anything attractive about the Kangaroo land, well except kangaroos and koala bears, which I still haven’t seen yet….

But of course if I have the chance to go, I won’t say no. I love to travel. Even more when I’m paid to travel ;) So as you know the purpose for the trip for two weeks was to cover the Malaysia football team. It was half holiday for me. Blessed!

Before I left, I asked people who have been there and my friends who are there on what should I expect, e.g. weather. And ALL of them said it’s going to be hotter than Malaysia. Fair enough because it’s summer there. So I packed blouses, jeans, thin shirts etc…because it’s going to be hotter than Malaysia.


The first day I was there, the sky was clear. But the next three days were horrible. Where I was  staying, Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise to be exact was attacked by cyclones and it was raining everyday. It could get very scary one night when the wind was so strong it shook the street lights. Some other places were flooding. Hotter than Malaysia. SURE.

I didn’t have raincoats or jackets because I didn’t expect the weather to be that bad and my flats were ruined and I had to throw them away because I had to cover a football match in the rain one day and the pitch was very wet so my flats were gone case.

Thank God for my boots that I brought. My life saver!


The sky was clear again and it actually got really hot the fourth day I was there. Phew.

Sometimes it can be very windy and bright but lovely. The weather is odd there.


Surfer’s Paradise is okay. The locals walk around half naked there.



The second week I was there, we went to Harbour Town. It’s a must go for everyone who loves shopping. I kinda regret that I didn’t shop more there :(

I also went to Movie World. There are other theme parks there but we only managed to go to one of them. I can’t remember when’s the last time I went to a theme park. I haven’t even went to Universal Studios Singapore… kidding.

The rides are cool but I only rode on two lame rides because I’m too frightened to ride the roller coasters. I have a weak heart okay? At least that’s what I think. But if you go there, you MUST go on all rides just because you never know when are you going to be there again. Yeah, I only realised that later on……

Anyway, Gold Coast was not too bad. Only that I think two weeks was a bit too long but I won’t say that I wouldn’t go again :)


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