Twenty Three

10th Feb 1994

The photo above was taken 19 years ago on my 4th Birthday. The crying boy next to me is my little brother. He seems suicidal with that cake knife in his hand. Well actually he wanted to blow the candles but there were no candles. I think somebody forgot about them.

I turned 23 yesterday. I’ve always been age¬†conscious. When I was 20, I worried how I’m going to be like when I’m 25 and now that I’m 23, I wonder what I’m going to be, how will I look, who I’m with when I’m 30. The good news is I shouldn’t worry about being old yet because 23 is closer to 20 than 30. :P

I am nevertheless proud of what I have achieved at this age, or even before I reached 23. I am not entirely happy or satisfied yet. I still feel that there are still so many things I need to do and accomplish and knowing that I’m not getting any younger sometimes makes me wants to rush into things…..but NOT getting married. That can wait awhile.

Being a year older every year sometimes makes me feel that I’m running out of time to do things. I can’t wake up from my sleep in the afternoon anymore without feeling that I have wasted half a day that I will never get back. You know, things like that.

I hate to worry too much but I need to realise more how life is short and I want to enjoy it and do good things while I still can walk, run, eat, drive and fly.

There’s still so much ahead of me and I look forward (I think) for many more birthdays to come.


3 thoughts on “Twenty Three

  1. anon? February 11, 2013 / 5:38 PM

    Chill, sleeping in is not a crime even when ure 30

    • Aysha February 11, 2013 / 5:42 PM

      Err.. Who said it is?

  2. Ana February 13, 2013 / 10:32 AM

    Not sure if you saw my tweet a few days ago but happy (belated) birthday again, Aysha!

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