Flying On The Road

Today I took the Aeroline bus for the first time from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I have always wanted to travel with Aeroline but the time was not right since they don’t have a very frequent schedule in a day.

But today I got the chance and it was worth every penny. Aeroline really lives up to its name. It gives you a first class Airline services, the only difference is it travels on the road.


The seat is very comfortable that I didn’t even realised we travelled for five and half hours!

There’s also a steward who will serve you food and drinks throughout the journey and the bus driver even made announcement like a flight captain. “You are now on Bus number bla bla bla…the journey will take five hours and thirthy minutes etc etc…”


I also managed to catch the movie Brave (which I fell asleep halfway) and Think Like A Man.



The best part is, there is also a plug outlet at every seat on the bus! I was so happy when I saw it because you know….my phone battery drains really fast sometimes.


I dread long journeys by the road but with Aeroline it’s not so bad at all.

p/s: I promise this is not a sponsored post. ;)


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